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 Our staff is dedicated to connecting you to the audience you most want to reach.
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Our readers have power - purchasing power.

Since 1914, The Cattleman has prided itself on tradition, loyalty and a commitment to commercial cattle producers throughout the state of Texas and the southwest region. Still today, The Cattlemancontinues to be an industry-leading publication with those same values.

Our staff is dedicated to connecting you to the audience you most want to reach.

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Meet Your Cattleman Sales Staff

Gina Bryson
With almost 30 years' experience creating messages for advertisers on all types of communications tools, Gina Bryson says she has found a professional home with Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA). The culture of the ranching way of life appeals to her Texas background, and offers her the chance to help business owners reach targeted clients.

Bryson serves as media consultant for TSCRA Communications Services. In this role, she helps advertisers create effective messages and helps them choose the proper platforms to get their message out to the more than 16,000 members of TSCRA. Those platforms are The Cattleman magazine, our flagship print publication; The Cattleman NOW smartphone app; The Cattleman Plus tablet app; The Cattleman News Update daily emailed newsletter; and

Bryson grew up in Cleburne and attended Tarrant County Junior College. She worked in the savings and loan business until she was attracted to sales. She received her insurance license in 1987 and worked with several companies before she was approached to work in the office equipment industry for Sharp Electronics, where she stayed until 1997.

Bryson fully understands the challenges of small-business ownership, having owned and operated 2 Smoothie Factory franchises during her career.

She has worked with AT&T and with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in advertising sales. While at the Star-Telegram, Bryson was honored with "Salesperson of the Year" and "MVP of the Year" awards. In her spare time, she supports charities as a volunteer worker.

Shawn McCoy
Shawn McCoy grew up in Ohio on a small farm south of Salem, in Winona. A graduate of United Local in 1984, he attended Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy and transferred to Kent State University to study business.

In 1988 Shawn started selling advertising for a local weekly newspaper, then went on to a daily newspaper in Salem called The Salem News. After a trip to San Antonio in 1994, Shawn moved to Texas and started working for a weekly newspaper there. Eight months later, he moved to Arlington to work for the Mid Cities News, a subsidy of the Dallas Morning News.

In 1997, Shawn got his first taste of a monthly magazine, The Cutting Horse Chatter for the National Cutting Horse Association. The year 2008 brought on some changes with Shawn eventually working for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in the Weatherford office, where he stayed until 2012. That August, Shawn began working for The Cattleman magazine and plans on being here until retirement.

Shawn has been married to his wife, Laurie for 8 years; they have a blended family with son Dillon and daughter Stevie. The McCoys live in Granbury.

Ellen Brisendine
These days, no one is forced to be a rancher. It is a completely voluntary career and lifestyle choice for those who take on the challenges of cattle and natural resources management. This is why Ellen H. Brisendine has enjoyed her more than 30 years as a writer and communicator in the beef industry.

Brisendine joined the staff at Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) in 2002. Since then, TSCRA has expanded its reach by adding communications platforms – a smartphone app, a tablet app, a daily emailed newsletter, websites, a print newsletter – to the flagship print magazine, The Cattleman, the voice of TSCRA and the business journal of the cattle business of the Southwest.

As executive director of TSCRA communications services, Brisendine directed the adoption of these new technologies, making sure The Cattleman and TSCRA are where our more than 16,000 members need us to be.

Prior to joining TSCRA, Brisendine worked with American Farmland Trust's Texas regional office; The Petty Ranch Company; and International Brangus Breeders Association. In 2005, she was honored by the Texas Section, Society for Range Management as Friend of the Texas Section, SRM, and in 2014, was recognized by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association as State Communicator of the Year.


Commercial Print Advertising

Print Requirements


Trim Size: 8" x 10.875"
Bleed Size: 8.25" x 11.125"
Live Area: 6.875" x 9.375"
Margins: Top: .6667 inches | Bottom: .8333 inches
               Inside/Gutter: .5625 inches | Outside: .5625 inches
Line Screen: 150 Cover —133 Inside
Ad Size:
1 Page Live Area — 6.875"W x 9.375"D
2/3 Page — 4.5"W x 9.375"D
1/2 Page Vertical — 3.313"W x 9.375"D
1/2 Page Horizontal — 6.875"W x 4.5625"D
1/3 Page Vertical — 2.125"W x 9.375"D
1/3 Page Square — 4.5"W x 4.5625"D
1/4 Page — 3.313"W x 4.5625"D
1 Column Width — 2.125"
1-1/2 Column Width — 3.313"
2 Column Width — 4.5"
3 Column Width — 6.875"

Preferred Materials and Mechanical Requirements
Files NOT Accepted: Microsoft Publisher; PictureIt; any graphics placed in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Graphic Requirements:
• All photo files must be a minimum of 266dpi. All line art files must be a minimum of 600dpi.
• If using a digital camera, shoot at highest quality mode (1200 x 800 minimum).
• Do not send low-resolution files taken from websites.
• Do not send files placed in Microsoft Word.
• Convert all files to CMYK. We will not guarantee the color if we have to convert from PMS or RGB to CMYK or GRAYSCALE. PDF Files must be grayscale or CMYK. All graphics must be high-resolution. All fonts must be embedded. We will not guarantee quality of print if you send low-resolution files. We will not guarantee the color if we have to convert from PMS or RGB to CMYK or GRAYSCALE.

Include all necessary files:
• Send a copy of the FINAL VERSION of the file.
• Native files (including layers of Photoshop and Illustrator files).
• All graphic files for illustration art and images.
Send a hard copy proof:
• Print the file at 100%
• PDF files accepted for proofs.

Email requirements:
• Do not email files that are larger than 6MB. Send elements in separate emails if necessary or call sales representative for instructions.

Special Handling
A. Advertisers requesting extra advertising materials for other publications or personal use will be charged $50 per ad per CD or $50 per ad for one-time (or time-limited) access to the advertisers' ad files on The Cattleman FTP site. This service available only on ads placed in The Cattleman.
B. Unless production materials are requested to be returned within 1 year of date of insertion, they will be discarded.
C. Advertising proofs will be sent on request only if all material (photos, logos and copy) are in The Cattleman office by deadline — last day of the month, 2 months prior to publication (for example, Nov. 30 for the January issue).

  1 time 6 times 12 times
1-page $2400 $2350 $2550
2/3 page $1760 $1725 $1650
1/2 page $1380 $1350 $1297
1/3 page $880 $865 $828
1/4 page $690 $675 $648
Classified, per-inch display and BBB advertisements, min. 1 inch $64


  1 time 6 times 12 times
1-page $1600 $1550 $1450
2/3 page $1160 $1125 $1050
1/2 page $880 $850 $797
1/3 page $580 $565 $528
1/4 page $440 $425 $398
Classified, per-inch display and BBB advertisements, min. 1 inch $35

Livestock Print Advertising


  1 time 6 times 12 times
1-page $1560 $1530 $1470
2/3 page $1197 $1175 $1130
1/2 page $878 $860 $825
1/3 page $650 $635 $615
1/4 page $515 $505 $490
Classified, per-inch display and BBB advertisements, min. 1 inch $64


  1 time 6 times 12 times
1-page $960 $930 $870
2/3 page $697 $675 $630
1/2 page $528 $510 $475
1/3 page $350 $335 $315
1/4 page $265 $255 $240
Classified, per-inch display and BBB advertisements, min. 1 inch $35

Premium Placements

Commercial or Livestock (4-color only)
Back cover                                $1000
Inside front cover                     $400
Inside back cover                     $400
Interior premium placements   $200


Click here to download rate information in a 4-page pdf.


Digital Advertising

The Cattleman PLUS and The Cattleman NOW Sponsorship opportunities
Premier Sponsor                               $7,500                    Cattleman NOW                Cattleman Plus
Featured stories section sponsor     $4,500                                                             Cattleman Plus
Digital issue section sponsor            $4,500                                                             Cattleman Plus
Department Sponsor                        $4,500                    Cattleman NOW                Cattleman Plus

The Cattleman PLUS Advertising Rates
1 time                     2 time                     3 time
Full-screen interactive advertising
$500                      $480                       $450
Full-screen static advertising
$350                      $336                        $315
Deadline: 20th of the month prior to publication
Please submit full-screen ads in TIFF format, 1536 x 2048 pixels (portrait orientation).
Please submit logos as vector artwork (EPS, PDF) or as a high-resolution raster version (JPG, TIFF)

The Cattleman NOW Advertising Rates
Monthly department banner (only available on departments without sponsors)
1 time                     $412
Deadline: 20th of the month prior to publication
Please submit mini-banner ads in PNG format, 720 x 113 pixels
                                      1 time          6 times          12 times
Super leaderboard         $500             $480            $450
Leaderboard (banner)    $350             $336            $315
Skyscraper                      $250             $240            $225
Button                            $150             $144            $135
Deadline: 20th of the month prior to publication

The Cattleman News Update
                                     1 time             6 times         12 times
Leaderboard (banner)   $350                 $336               $315
Button                            $150                 $144               $135
Deadline: 20th of the month prior to publication

Click here to download rate information in a 4-page pdf.


Editorial Calendar

JANUARY — Equine Management
Special advertising section: Stallion Showcase
Editorial deadline: Nov. 1 — Advertising deadline: Nov. 30

  FEBRUARY — Range and Pasture Management 
Special focus on the Angus breed.
Editorial deadline: Dec. 1 — Advertising deadline: Dec. 28

MARCH — Cattle Raisers Convention Preview 
Special focus on the Beefmaster breed 
Special advertising section: Cattle Raisers Expo Exhibitors
Editorial deadline: Jan. 2 — Advertising deadline: Jan. 31 

APRIL — Spring Herd Health 
Special focus on the Brangus breed.
Editorial deadline: Feb. 1 — Advertising deadline: Feb. 28

MAY — The Water Issue 
Special focus on the Brahman breed.
Editorial deadline: March 1 — Advertising deadline: March 29

JUNE — The Well-Equipped and Safe Ranch 
Special advertising section: Equipment
Editorial deadline: April 1 — Advertising deadline: April 30

JULY — Cattle Business Partners: Livestock Auction Markets 
Special advertising section: Firearms and hunting resources
to prepare for the 2015 hunting season.
Editorial deadline: May 1 — Advertising deadline: May 31

AUGUST — Preparing for Healthy Herds this Fall 
Special focus on the Hereford breed.
Editorial deadline: June 1 — Advertising deadline: June 28

SEPTEMBER — From Stocker Cattle to the Feedyards 
Special advertising section: Agricultural colleges
Editorial deadline: July 1 — Advertising deadline: July 31

OCTOBER — Bull Buyer’s Guide
Special advertising section: Bull Buyer’s Guide
Editorial deadline: Aug. 1 — Advertising deadline: Aug. 30

NOVEMBER — Wild Resources: Wildlife and Wildscapes 
Special advertising section: Experts guide
Editorial deadline: Sept. 3 — Advertising deadline: Sept. 30

DECEMBER — History and Holidays
Special advertising section: Cattle Raisers Holiday Gift Ideas and cards
Editorial deadline: Oct. 1 — Advertising deadline: Oct. 31


TSCRA Communications Services Staff

Executive Director:
Ellen H. Brisendine
800-242-7820, ext. 134
e-mail Ellen

Technical Support:
Linda Lee, systems/operations manager,
800-242-7820, ext. 141 | e-mail Linda
Kristin Hawkins, web content manager
800-242-7820, ext. 135 | e-mail Kristin

Client Support:
Gina Bryson, media consultant
Specializing in commercial advertising.
817-916-1793 or 817-614-3830 cell
e-mail Gina

Shawn McCoy, media consultant
Specializing in livestock, feedyards, auction markets and AI/ET services.
e-mail Shawn

Christina Sebesta, advertising coordinator
e-mail Christina

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