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Writer Guidelines

Guidelines on writing for The Cattleman

Editorially, The Cattleman covers all aspects of the beef industry in Texas, Oklahoma and the Southwest. In the most recent readership survey, subscribers said they were most interested in the following topics in this order: range/pasture, property rights, animal health, water, new innovations and marketing.

Our feature stories are generally more in-depth than other livestock publications. Word counts average between 1,500 to 2,000. We ask all writers to fax their drafts to all sources to verify the accuracy of any quotes before sending the final copy into the office. The Cattleman uses AP style for punctuation and grammar, with a few exceptions.

Manuscripts should be e-mailed to Ellen H. Brisendine and sent as an attachment. Microsoft Word is the preferred format. The deadline is the first of the month, 60 days prior to the issue. Photographs or illustrations are desired; color, black and white, print and slides are all welcome. All people in the photos should be clearly identified.

Most features run in four color. Fees are negotiated and depend upon the amount of research, travel and photography required and terms of payment are on acceptance. The Cattleman prefers to work on an assignment basis. However, prospective contributors are urged to write the editor of the magazine to inquire of interest on a proposed subject. Occasionally, the editor will return a manuscript to a potential contributor for cutting, polishing, checking, rewriting or condensing.

Send queries to:
Ellen H. Brisendine
The Cattleman
1301 W. Seventh St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76102