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September 2010 | Feedyard & Stocker Issue

On the cover: Painting by Jerry McAdams, Hico

Making the Grade
By using instrument carcass grading technology, USDA graders can work more accurately and efficiently.

Burgundy Fields
Not all feeding operations look the same. Lifelong cattleman Jon Taggart shares his unique perspective on finishing cattle, pasture management and satisfying an ever-changing consumer.

TSCRA Members Discuss Policy, Plans at Summer Meeting
"My report at this meeting will sound very much like the report I gave at the convention," said TSCRA President Dave Scott, Richmond, at the June Summer Meeting. "TSCRA remains in good financial shape."

Conversations: Three New Faces

Back Page: Support Candidates Who Support You

Rancher's Management Guide: Cattle Market Challenges and Opportunities in the Coming Months

Planned Grazing 9: The Balancing Act of Stocking Rates