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Archives - October 2010


Cover by Walter Workman

October 2010 | Bull Buyer's Guide

Cow Culling Consideration
It's fall, and for many ranches, that can mean time to reduce the cow herd by getting rid of any females that aren't earning their keep. Two cattlemen share their criteria.

The Roundup on Agricultural Property Tax Appraisals
When the state budget slips into the red, ranchers cast a wary eye toward Austin and want to know where the agricultural property tax appraisal politics stand. Here is a roundup on this bread-and-butter issue.

Conversations: Advocating Cooperation in Groundwater Management

Back Page: Will New GIPSA Regulations Help or Hinder Competition?

Rancher's Management Guide: EPD Basics: What They Are and How to Use Them

Planned Grazing 10: Flexibility Supports Forward Momentum