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On the cover: "Coon"
by Traci Butler, Guthrie, Texas

January 2011 | Ranch Horse Issue with Stock Show Highlights

Cattle and Crops on the Shrinking Prairie
Raymond Dollins knows first-hand the endless challenges farmers and ranchers face — drought, floods and swings in commodity prices. Today, urban sprawl on the Katy Prairie brings new threats.

Beyond Cattle
Agricultural diversification is most commonly associated with farming, but many ranchers have found other ways to use their land to bring in extra income.

A Watchful Eye
Even for the experienced rancher or horseman, the birth of a foal is an exciting event. Close observation (without interfering) is important to newborn foal and post-partum mare.

Conversations: Welcome to the New Year of Stock Shows

Back Page: 2011 Brings a Friendlier Environment, No Less Work

Rancher's Management Guide: Horse or ATV for Ranch Work?
Six questions that might help you decide

Readers' Ranch Photos: Send us your photos!