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Archives - July 2011



On the cover:
Carol Hutchison, photographer

July 2011 | Annual Market Issue

More Than 100,000 Brands
Your brand is your proof of ownership and the best way to identify your livestock. New resources developed by TSCRA will help livestock owners to keep your family’s historic brand or register a new brand..

Branding and Ear Tagging 101
Whether you’re branding cattle or ear tagging them, calf identification chores should be done with care.

Livestock Marketing Association Directories
We are glad to provide the directories of membership for the Oklahoma Livestock Marketing Association and the Livestock Marketing Association of Texas. Use these lists to find a market near you and the sale day for the business.

Conversations: A Package of Branding Information

Back Page: 82nd State Legislative Regular Session Summary

Rancher's Management Guide: Calf Identity After the Sale

Readers' Ranch Photos: Send us your photos!