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April 2012 | Bugs — Good, Bad and Interesting


On the Cover:
Photo by Marilyn Cheatham, Cuero

Dos and Don'ts for AI Success
Two industry experts offer tips for getting the most out of artificial insemination.

A Numbers Game
Healthy animals can handle a few worms, but don't let those numbers grow!

Bull Buyer's Guide
The 2011 Bull Buyer's Guide is your best reference for your next
bull purchases.


Conversations by Ellen H. Brisendine
Behind the Scenes — What Shapes The Cattleman

Back Page By Pete Bonds, TSCRA second vice president
Protect Agriculture Trade from Border Violence

Rancher's Management Guide
More Questions May Mean Fewer Problems

Member Notes by Tom Haynie
Help Us Turn Friends into Members at Ranch Gatherings

Stocker Cattle
Stale vs. Fresh Cattle