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Editor's Letter - June 2012


By Ellen H. Brisendine

The Right Tool for the Job

For June, you'll see we departed from the norm for the Rancher's Management Guide. Instead of a short how-to article, we have 6 items you could call “what-with” descriptions.

We focus on the equipment of ranching and natural resources management. The right tool for a job will help you work faster, smarter, safer and better. Sheila Nab, part of our advertising sales team, worked with 6 of our equipment advertisers to provide short descriptions of the benefits their products provide.

Those descriptions make up the Rancher's Management Guide. While editing the Guide and the feature articles for June, I was struck by the recurring message that the right tool is the right idea. A set of reliable scales will help you calculate the proper dosage of vaccine, cutting down on extra work and underperforming cattle. A good herd management software program will help you track calf performance and concentrate on better genetics and make wiser culling decisions.

The right brush management tool can help you reduce unwanted water wasters on the rangeland, leaving more open space for useful forage to capture rainfall when it comes.

We thank our advertisers and those folks who provided information for the feature articles. The sources are somewhat diverse, but it is interesting to note that they reinforce the message — the right tool for the job.

You'll find coverage of the 2012 TSCRA Convention Weekend. Convention goers heard 4 leaders from the corporate level of the beef industry — a market analyst, a banker, a packer and an animal health company executive. Read their comments about the next 15 years of the cattle industry.

TSCRA President Joe Parker Jr. discusses the state of TSCRA in his President's Report, and Eldon White, TSCRA executive vice president, highlights the messages behind TSCRA's new outreach campaign in his report.

The Cattle Raisers Education Center, an online learning center, was launched in May. Users can download and listen to classes from the School for Successful Ranching. TSCRA has no shortage of educational opportunities, so you can expect to find more content added on a regular basis.

You'll hear the educators talking about the right tool for the job. Thanks to our writers, content contributors and advertisers who bring us information and advice that will save us time and dollars.

Haven't we all tried to make do with that small flathead screwdriver in the top of the toolbox when a proper Phillips screwdriver, buried beneath the wrenches and hammers, is the right tool for the job? Or am I the only one?

"Conversations: The Right Tool for the Job" is from the June 2012 issue of The Cattleman magazine.