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June 2012 | Ranch Equipment


On the Cover
Tony Bruguiere, photographer

Transformation: The Cattle Industry in 2027
TSCRA opened the 135th annual convention with perspectives from 4 industry executives — what will our industry look like in 15 years?

TSCRA President Joe Parker's Report
Remarkable accomplishments during challenging conditions.

TSCRA Executive Vice President Eldon White's Report
Honor and protect the ranching way of life.

Are Ranch Scales Important?
When every pound counts, scales can tip the balance in your favor.

Who's There?
New technology helps landowners know who is entering locked ranch gates and when.

Bull Buyer's Guide
The 2011 Bull Buyer's Guide is your best reference for your next
bull purchases.


Conversations by Ellen H. Brisendine
The right tool for the job.

Back Page by Joe Parker Jr., TSCRA president
Of all the types of communication, face-to-face is still the best.

Rancher's Management Guide by Sheila Nab
Focus on equipment.

Member Notes by Van Baize
20,000 members by the year 2020.

Stocker Cattle
Protect or redirect?

Web Exclusive
Even with high price projections, managing price risk is a must.