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Member Notes - June 2012



Member Notes

20,000 members by the year 2020

By Van Baize, TSCRA Association Promotion Committee chair, Bowie

During the Director Engagement Working Group and Regional Association Promotion (RAP) Team meetings, this goal was discussed and validated as our top priority.

Why 20,000 members? TSCRA represents ranchers and landowners in many ways, but legislative representation is key. 20,000 members allows TSCRA’s message to be amplified and be heard with greater credibility. 20,000 members would result in more TSCRA gate signs in Texas and Oklahoma, increasing our visibility and deterring theft of livestock and equipment. 20,000 members would also provide financial security for your association, ensuring that the ranching way of life can be protected for years to come.

How do we get to 20,000 members? We will need to increase membership by 530 members per year over each of the next 8 years. Membership increased by 580 members in 2011, so we know we can meet the goal.

What next? During the summer meeting in Fredericksburg, we will provide details on a new membership drive designed to provide visibility to the 20,000 by 2020 effort. We are aligning our internal leadership communications and external marketing efforts to make incremental gains towards this goal.

Between the efforts of the Director Engagement Working Group and RAP Team, we feel confident we have a plan that will allow us to meet the 20,000-member goal and increase the value of TSCRA membership. The team and I look forward to sharing elements of this plan with everyone in Fredericksburg.

"Member Notes - 20,000 members by the year 2020" is from the May 2012 issue of The Cattleman magazine.