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Rancher's Management Guide | June 2012

Rancher's Management Guide

Focus on Equipment

By Sheila Nab

Six of our equipment advertisers in June, which focuses on equipment ranchers need, provide us some helpful information about their products' capabilities and safety features.

G-Bar Livestock Equipment LLC, owned and operated by David and JoAnn Rater, Jack County, is sole distributor in Texas and Oklahoma for quality American-made Pearson Livestock Equipment. G-Bar's operating philosophy is to offer superior products, treat people well and furnish outstanding customer service.

G-Bar's offering helps ranchers safely and efficiently work cattle and collect performance data — manual and hydraulic chutes, palpation cages, fully adjustable alleys with horizontal rolling block gates, tubs, and trailers for the chutes and alleys. Today's demanding economic environment requires the cattle raiser to earn the best possible return on herd investment, so G-Bar stocks Tru-Test Weighing Systems to help a rancher get the data. For more information, visit, call 800-831-0567 or email

CattleXpert Management Software has created a powerful Windows-based feedyard and stocker management software program. Their "1-time entry/single inventory database system" eliminates duplication of steps and human error, while increasing your yard's efficiency, measurable output data and end performance.

CattleXpert™ incorporates cattle accounting, chute side processing, animal health, sorting, commodities management, grain banking, individual animal management, bunk management, multiple loading and feeding options including manual, offline or real-time wireless radio frequency (RF) feeding and more. CattleXpert's reports can be exported into the program of your choice, such as Microsoft Excel or email. CattleXpert offers a tiered pricing structure, providing affordable options for beef producers. Contact them at 20507 Nicholas Circle, Suite 100, Elkhorn, Neb., 68022, 866-613-2869, or

Alexander Livestock says whether you are giving vaccines, feeding, or even weighing trucks, a scale is a valuable ranch management asset, supporting efficiency and increased profitability. They provide chute scales, single-animal scales, alley-weigh scales or group scales.

Cut feed expenses by feeding exactly what is needed from your cake feeder, bale processor or mixer truck. Truck scales are available in platforms and are designed to weigh the truck by the axle or the whole truck to ensure it is fully loaded.

All scales come with a digital indicator that can run off AC or DC power. Options include printers, computer interface cable and customized indicators that use Bluetooth technology. Contact them at 512-756-0593 or

Use a Root-N-All from Cedar Eaters and your skid steer to grub small, non-native perennial vegetation out by the root to ensure it doesn't grow back. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) estimates that brush in Texas uses more than 3.5 trillion gallons of water annually. That kind of water use indicates a need to control the brush on your land. Dozing and root plowing seemed to be the only way to get rid of overgrown pastureland, but grubbing has become a popular choice due to the selective nature of the method.

Spence Hegener, president of H&W Attachments, says, "We wanted to create a grubbing attachment for skid steers that was efficient and effective. It was important to develop a year-round solution and to give property owners an option other than chemicals to kill small invasive vegetation like mesquite trees. With the patent-pending 2-pulling-point system of the Root-N-All, we were able to achieve that." Contact them at 830-370-6200, or visit

Boyd Industries developed one of the first creep feeders nearly 50 years ago. It has remained functionally unchanged over that time and was designed to introduce calves to feed sooner, without competing with the other cows for feed. Creep feeding eases the stress on the mother cows because the calves are receiving more of their nutrition from the feed and are less dependent on nursing. This is especially important in the hot, dry months.

The all-steel design withstands years of abuse from cattle and weather. It will keep your feed dry and calves protected from the elements. The feeder allows you to provide special rations for calves without worrying about the grown cattle getting to it first.

The half-creep feeder feeds from 1 side and has a feed capacity of 1,500 pounds, which is enough for about 25 calves. The double-creep feeder feeds from 2 sides and has a capacity of 3,000 pounds, enough for about 50 calves. Both creep feeders come fully welded and ready to use. The product is available at most feed stores or at the plant in Boyd. Contact them at 800-611-3540, or visit

The Big Bale Flaker™ from Bale Buddy is an all-electric, completely remote-control method of feeding big square bales of hay from the safety and comfort of the cab of your pickup or tractor. If fits on any size flatbed truck or trailer and will feed any size large square bale.

The Big Bale Flaker is safe and economical, turning a 2-person operation into a 1-person job. Anyone who can drive a pickup can feed hay with this system.

Flaking the hay bale allows you to spread hay over large areas to minimize trampling loss. The simple design is practically maintenance-free. Contact them at 580-504-0777.

"Rancher's Managment Guide: Focus on Equipment" is from the June 2012 issue of The Cattlemen magazine.