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March 2012 | Pre-Convention and Business


On the Cover
David R. Stoecklein, photographer

7 More Things Every Producer Should Know
Thieves want a quick and easy profit from your labors. TSCRA Special Ranger Hal Dumas talks about precautions you can take against theft.

Beef Enjoys Strength in the Global Market, Endures Challenges at Home
CattleFax’s Kevin Good gives our readers a preview of the Cattle Industry Outlook he’ll present at the TSCRA annual convention.

Good Habits of Profitable Ranchers
Standardized performance analysis shows some habits of profit-minded beef producers.

Bull Buyer's Guide
The 2011 Bull Buyer's Guide is your best reference for your next
bull purchases.


Conversations by Ellen H. Brisendine
Sharing the Knowledge

Back Page by Joe Parker Jr.
Refresh Friendships and Commitments at the Annual Convention

Rancher's Management Guide
Questions from Readers
Who pays for fence repairs? How do I protect my cattle on lease pasture?

Member Notes by Van Baize
Working Group Helps Directors with Membership Efforts

Stocker Cattle
Market Changes Bring Opportunity … But You Have To Pay Attention