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Member Notes - November 2012



Member Notes

Recognizing Our Hosts

By Van Baize, TSCRA Association Promotion Committee chair

The Regional Association Promotion (RAP) Team is fortunate to work with many of the individuals who host ranch gatherings throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Many of these individuals provide a significant amount of time and resources to allow members and the general public to come into their local community, catch up with neighbors, learn about something of interest, eat a great meal, and then leave.

I’d like recognize the 2012 ranch gathering hosts below for their respective contributions. With their assistance, TSCRA membership continues to grow. If you cross paths with these individuals, please thank them for their generosity.

Gene Walker Ranch
Bonds Ranch
Tom Haynie
Dr. Glenn Rogers
John Baker
Richard and Karen Thorpe
Kevin and Johnna Busher
Blake Birdwell
Lindsey Alexander
Carey Durst
Wallace Britton
Steve Wetz
Bob & Cheryl Bertelsen
Buddy Mills
Al & Brenda Lindig
Tom & Sharon Roarick
Ted & Sharon Stehling
Guenther Ottmers
Joe & Madeline Sagebiel
Rodney & Karen Sauer

Butch & Theresa Welgehausen
Freddie Jung
Milton & Maxine Jung
Frannie Hartmann
Leland & Peggy Geistweidt
Curtis Younts
R.A. Brown Ranch
Claudia Wright
Darren Nelson

"Member Notes - Recognizing Our Hosts" is from the November 2012 issue of The Cattleman magazine.