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Cattle Raisers Put Resources Into a Strong Stance on Issues

By John Dudley, TSCRA past president

It's convention time again for cattle raisers, which means many of you will head to Fort Worth for fellowship with old and new friends. It will be a good time, no doubt, but it will also be a time packed with information and resources to help us ranchers prepare our businesses for the future.

We'll also talk a lot about politics and the current climate in both Austin and Washington, D.C. Since a good deal of what happens through state and federal laws and regulations affects our business, we'll discuss the ways cattle raisers can work with, and sometimes against, lawmakers to create a better environment for the cattle industry.

Speaking of politics, it's no secret that the last several years have tested our resolve. Cattle raisers from across the country have banded together to fight for the cattle industry and those common values we all share. We have offered solutions to some of the most complex problems facing our state and nation, and we've taken a stand to support free enterprise, private property rights and the ranching way of life.

We've won many of the battles, but unfortunately, I see many more in the near future.

A major factor with a huge impact on all the issues that affect us is who we elect to represent us. Next year, those elections will be critical as we elect a number of officials including a U.S. Senator, governor, attorney general, agriculture commissioner, U.S. Representatives, and the list goes on. Those individuals whom we work to elect become TSCRA's voice, and that voice must be strong. 

Every year we ask you as a TSCRA member to contribute to the TSCRA Political Action Committee (PAC). Every year, you rise to the challenge and go above and beyond all expectations. We are asking you to contribute again in 2013 with that same fervor. When we all contribute to the TSCRA PAC, no matter how much, we make our voice that much stronger.

Because of your contributions, TSCRA fought back costly regulations aimed at controlling your land and water, as well as regulations that would have banned our kids and grandkids from working on ranches. We helped stop initiatives to give the government and animal rights activists control over the handling of your livestock on your own land, and we fought the death tax from putting more family ranches out of business.

It was your contributions that made TSCRA successful. We want to build upon that success.

I don't have to tell you that our industry is standing at a crossroad. The culmination of our national financial crisis is hurting consumer demand. The cow herd is at its lowest since the 1940s, and the drought has spread to other parts of the country causing feed prices to soar. Some of these challenges are out of our control, but there are others we can affect.

We can do this by remaining united and committed to protecting and advancing the fundamental values we hold dear.

The stakes have never been higher for ranchers and landowners.

Please contribute to the TSCRA PAC and help make the voice of cattle raisers that much stronger. 

To donate, go to and log into the TSCRA Member Center. Once there, navigate to the TSCRA PAC online donation form.

"Cattle Raisers Put Resources Into a Strong Stance on Issuess" is from the March 2013 issue of The Cattleman magazine.