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April 2016: Spring Herd Health Issue




Lessons Learned from Selling Bred Heifers by Gary DiGiuseppe

If you sell bred heifers that end up open, how do you make it right for the buyer? What’s fair for the seller? A Panhandle family shares how they handled this dilemma

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Conversations from the Editor
Good Information and Spring Events

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Cattle Raisers Community:
Cattle Raisers Summer Meeting at La Torretta Lake Resort

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Ranching - Natural Resources: Plant of the Month: Cocklebur More »
Ranching - Natural Resources: Fire Series
When Cattle Graze Down Forage, They Graze Down Fire Fuel
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Ranching - Livestock Management: VFD Series
Expiration vs. Duration of Use

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The Cattleman's Pages of History: April 1916 & 1966

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