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Editor's Letter - October 2015


Practical Tips in Your Fall Reading

by Ellen H. Brisendine

While the rain earlier this year brought floods to some parts of our region, it also brought renewed optimism to ranchers in the form of forage for livestock. Our members tell us they are still approaching herd rebuilding with caution, but there is an underlying positive note.

If you are buying bulls this fall, be sure to read the article by Gary DiGiuseppe, page 120, on how Oklahoma Beef, Inc., checks their bulls for breeding soundness. OBI has been in the bull development business for many years and offers some practical tips for ranchers.

Fall brings cooler temperatures and the pleasant weather might encourage some folks to enjoy the outdoors more than they do during hot summer days. But what might be enjoyment to them could be trespassing to you. If you do not want to buy and post multiple No Trespassing signs, you can get the message across with some purple paint. Turn to page 124 to find out how and where to apply paint to your fence to indicate no trespassing, or Click here to read online.

Thanks to Kent Ferguson, retired from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, we continue to provide a monthly column identifying plants of interest to ranchers. This month our featured plant is broom snakeweed. You will find more about this plant on page 94, or online here.

Let me know if you enjoy this type of content in your magazine. If so, Ferguson is willing to continue working with us. He says the plant variety on Texas and Oklahoma rangeland is endless!

Also in the Ranching department, you will find the 10th installment in a 12-part series on ranch business, written by Lorie Woodward Cantu. Cantu has worked with the agriculture professionals at the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation all year to bring these columns on how the decisions you make at the ranch will affect your bottom line. The topic came from a presentation by the Noble Foundation at the 2015 Cattle Raisers Convention.

And lastly, find the 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention Save-the-Date card in this print magazine and tape it to something you see every day. If you are reading on The Cattleman Plus, our tablet app, click on the Convention logo with this column. Either way, block April 8 to 10 for the 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention in Fort Worth. The exhibit spaces in the Cattle Raisers Expo are filling fast and the planning group is settling on some great speakers. Watch your favorite TSCRA communications channel for details.

Conversations is from the October 2015 issue of The Cattleman magazine.