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Editor's Letter - April 2014


Things of Human Interest

by Ellen H. Brisendine

Across from the inside back cover of this print issue, and on the next-to-the-last page of The Cattleman Plus, you'll find one of my favorite images that has appeared in The Cattleman.

Those 3 gentlemen were at the 50th annual TSCRA convention in 1926. They had been at the oak tree in Graham in 1877 when Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) was formed. I believe the author of the photo cutline wrote the men were attentive at the sessions and "when the spirit of levity was having full sway they were in the midst of things."

The writer goes on to say these 3 were part of the group who formed TSCRA to be "mutually helpful to cattle raisers."

The association continues to help cattle raisers benefit each other. Dennis Webb, manager of the Rocker B Ranch and outgoing chair of the Association Promotion Committee, draws your attention to the plethora of calendars TSCRA offers. See page 16 for details.

Bob and Julie McCan, Victoria, (Bob is a past president of TSCRA) will be devoting the next year of their lives to supporting cattle raisers nationally. Bob is the new president of National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Read about it in the "Cattle Raisers Community" department, along with news about a whole bunch of awards TSCRA members recently won.

In the "Issues and Policy" department, read Carmen Fenton's assessment of her generation, the Millennials. Remember the impact of the baby boomer generation on American culture? Millennials, born mid-1980s to early 2000s, number 83 million, 10 million more than the boomer generation. Imagine how they will shape our society. Beef marketers are giving them serious thought, looking for ways to get beef in the diet of this generation. Fortunately, the beef checkoff exists to support research, education and promotion to consumers — Millennials included.

The Cattleman is an educational publication and we document the times we are in, celebrate the times we came from and every now and then try to take a look at the times to come.

Regardless of the year, decade or century, I always hope your pastures are full of baby calves and green grass in the spring.

Conversations: "Things of Human Interest" is from the April 2014 issue of The Cattleman magazine.