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Editor's Letter - September 2015


Why Attend the Policy Conference?

by Ellen H. Brisendine

When you share your first-hand knowledge of how regulations help or hinder your business, you provide your volunteer leaders with the facts to defend your rights in debates on regulations and public policies.

When you tell other TSCRA members how public officials or agency personnel carry out their duties, be it local, district, state or federal, you help shape TSCRA’s perspective on that official or agency.

You can share your knowledge, experiences and opinions with the TSCRA directors in your area. You can talk to committee leaders, the officers and the staff. In addition, you can attend the Policy Conference Sept. 23 to 25 in San Antonio, to add your insight to the discussions the TSCRA committees will have on private property rights, water rights, cattle marketing and animal health.

More than these few issues will be discussed at the TSCRA Policy Conference because all 8 policy committees will meet. Watch for updates on topics.

TSCRA policy committee members research and discuss issues and develop resolutions on those issues, which are presented to the board of directors for approval. The committees also review existing TSCRA policies to keep the association current with the times.

These resolutions guide our volunteer leaders and staff when they represent cattle raisers’ interests in public policy discussions.

Read the job descriptions for each committee at conference. Click on “Committee Work” at the bottom of the page. Attend the committee meetings that appeal to you. All TSCRA members are invited.

How is the Policy Conference different from past fall meetings? Interspersed among the committee meetings are talks by 4 key speakers, each of whom will take a broad look at some big issues. Evan Smith, editor in chief and CEO, Texas Tribune, will address Texas and U.S. politics. Evelyn Browning-Garriss, historic climatologist and editor, The Browning Newsletter, will share her expertise on global warming and climate change. Todd Armstrong, senior director of beef operations, Elanco Animal Health, will address the feeding of our ever-growing world population and David Lehman, managing director of commodity research and product development, CME Group, will speak about protecting the value of your calves.

Policy Conference registration packages are shaped to fit your time and budget. Find those options at

Whether you drive in for a day or stay for the duration, by attending and participating you will educate your peers and yourself, and you will help your association develop sound, logical, defensible policies on things that concern cattle raisers.

Conversations is from the September 2015 issue of The Cattleman magazine.