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Editor's Letter - September 2014


You are Welcome to Attend the Fall Meeting

by Ellen H. Brisendine

Please consider yourself invited to this month's Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) meeting in Austin, Sept. 24 to 26, at the Sheraton Austin at the Capitol.

Yes, TSCRA officers, directors and committee members are expected and encouraged to attend.

And yes, just plain ol' regular members are encouraged to attend. We also welcome friends and folks who are not members of TSCRA, but who are interested in the issues of land ownership.

Just between us, I'd make arrangements to be off work on Thursday, Sept. 25, so you can hear Evelyn Browning-Garriss, historical climatologist. But then again, Evan Smith, CEO of the Texas Tribune, is speaking on Friday morning, Sept. 26. Perhaps you should arrange to be away from work 2 days.

See more details about the fall meeting in the Cattle Raisers Community section of this issue. If you register by Friday, Sept. 19, you'll save some dollars, but if you have to wait to register on site (say a sudden "late summer cold" is keeping you away from the office), the event is still a worthwhile investment in your education as a landowner.

The questions asked by cattle raisers at educational events direct us on the topics to cover in The Cattleman. To answer member questions about crafting a good lease, we looked to Drs. Les Nunn, Paul's Valley, Okla., and Steven Lukefahr, Kingsville. Read their article, "Start with a Handshake, End with a Lawyer," in the Features section for practical tips on the elements of a good lease.

With fall approaching, forage quality is beginning to dwindle. Some of you may be planning to put hay out for your herds this fall and winter. Robert Fears provides an instructive article on how to test hay quality in "Enough? Not Enough?" A simple test for protein and total digestible nutrients will save you dollars by keeping you from over-supplementing or under-nourishing your herd.

We have some fun pages this month. Craig Kelly provides great images from the TSCRA Ranch Rodeo in Levelland in July. Eldon White shares his pictures from the TSCRA trip to Paris and Normandy this summer.

I hope to see you at the fall meeting in a few weeks. If you have to adopt the "late summer cold" tactic to get the time off to attend the meeting, let me know and we'll keep your photo out of the fall meeting coverage.

Conversations is from the September 2014 issue of The Cattleman magazine.