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Editor's Letter - June 2016


But Wait, There’s More!

by Ellen H. Brisendine

That old “as seen on TV” marketing hook is actually a true statement when it comes to talking about the 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention coverage in this month’s issue of The Cattleman.

On the cover, you’ll find a version of the original pencil drawing by Dino Cornay that was presented to outgoing President Pete Bonds, Saginaw, at the Closing General Session.

Within this issue, you’ll find 52 pages of pictures, reports, updates and 2 feature articles based on presentations made at the 139th annual convention. And on the last page of this issue, you’ll see an historic picture of the attendees at the Cattle Raisers Convention in 1900.

The event has grown a bit in the ensuing century. The 2016 Cattle Raisers Convention, with its Expo, speakers and socials, drew 4,500 guests to Fort Worth for the weekend.

You’ll find the highlights inside, but as promised in the headline, there’s more.

Thanks to the largest team of writers and photographers organized by The Cattleman to cover a Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) event, we generated more than 2,000 photos of the weekend. You can view them to your heart’s content by clicking on “Photos” in the blue navigation bar at

If you attended the convention and want to hear one of the talks, let me know and we’ll send you the link to download the audio file. These images and audio files will be available for your pleasure until June 30, so don’t tarry if you want to capture some memories and some excellent educational presentations.

While the convention is the primary focus of this issue, I also encourage you to find this month’s article on fire in our Ranching Department. This is a 12-part series on wildfire and prescribed fire, and in this installment, “Fire Fighting Tools: Collaboration and Communication,” Gary DiGiuseppe interviews Larry Gray, TSCRA executive director of law enforcement and theft prevention, to showcase how your association works with other emergency managers to protect the interests of ranchers during wildfire outbreaks.

We also have the monthly plant identification column, provided by Kent Ferguson, Valley Mills. If ragweed pollen makes you sneeze, take a good look at the pictures of giant ragweed featured this month.

And I hope you’re keeping up with the column by Kristin Lewis Hawkins on the upcoming veterinary feed directives (VFD). Hawkins, staff writer and editor of the daily emailed newsletter The Cattleman Update, explains extra-label use of medications in animal feed.

If you attended the convention, enjoy the memories. If you did not, enjoy the coverage and the education provided here. And save the date for the next one — March 31 to April 2, 2017, San Antonio. There’s guaranteed to be more.

"Conversations" is from the June 2016 issue of The Cattleman magazine.