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Member Notes, August 2014

Thirty-Plus Ranch Gatherings to go in 2014!

By Claudia Wright, TSCRA Association Promotion chair

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Regional Association Promotion (RAP) teams have been extremely busy planning for and holding ranch gatherings across Texas and Oklahoma. Ranch gatherings have proven to be invaluable because they allow TSCRA leaders to communicate directly with TSCRA members. There is no better way to understand a member's concerns and needs than having face-to-face meetings.

Ranch gatherings also play a vital role in introducing TSCRA to non-members. By understanding the services TSCRA provides ranchers and landowners, we are able to add new members to help sustain the organization.

As of this writing, TSCRA is planning to conduct nearly 45 ranch gatherings in 2014, 14 of which have been completed. This leaves 31 ranch gatherings in the remaining 5 months of 2014.

Take a look at the 2014 schedule of ranch gatherings. We have arranged them so you can spot the gatherings in your region.

On behalf of TSCRA leaders and the RAP team, I invite you to attend at least 1 ranch gathering this year. Please come and enjoy great food and fellowship, and learn what TSCRA is doing to honor and protect the ranching way of life.



"Member Notes" is from the August 2014 issue of The Cattleman magazine.