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What Plant Is Important in February?

Carolina Geranium (Geranium carolinianum)Shinoak

Carolina geranium, sometimes known as cranesbill, is a native, cool season annual or biennial forb. It can be found growing on many different soils across the U.S., from gravel to clay.

The plant is a low growing, multi-branched member of the geranium family. It seldom reaches a height of more than a foot and has multi-lobed, 5-part leaves with small white or pink 5-petaled flowers that occur from March to July.

Carolina geranium is not really known for being good forage for domestic livestock, but is utilized by cattle, sheep and whitetail deer when the plant is in the vegetative stage before flowers appear.

"What Plant is Important in February" is from the February 2015 issue of The Cattleman magazine.